Arms & armour dealers

Baggott Church Street Ltd
Gloucestershire, Stow-on-the-Wold
17th- to 19th-century English furniture; English and Welsh oak and country furniture; portrait paintings; metalwork; treen
The Armoury of St. James's
20th-century paintings, prints and works of art; jewellery; with a focus on royal, naval, military and political history
A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd
Coins, commemorative and military medals, tokens, banknotes, stamps, numismatic books; valuations
Peter Finer Ltd
Antique arms and armour; restoration; valuations
Michael German Antiques Ltd
Arms and armour; antique firearms; walking cane specialist
Smith & Robinson
18th- to 21st-century decorative objects in silver and crocodile
Michael German Antique Walking Canes
Walking cane specialists; arms and armour specialists
Maritime pictures & works of art; military pictures & campaign furniture; colonial furniture & works of art; Chinese export trade
Maritime pictures & works of art; military pictures & campaign furniture; colonial furniture & works of art; Chinese export trade
The dealers below will often have examples of this category in stock, but not as their primary speciality.
S & S Timms Antiques Ltd
Bedfordshire, Ampthill
17th-, 18th- and 19th-century town and country furniture
Mark Seabrook Antiques
Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon
Oak and country furniture; early metalware; treen and ceramics; restoration
The Edenbridge Galleries
Kent, Edenbridge
Amherst Antiques, Lennox Cato Antiques, Jupiter Antiques, John Robertson and S & S Timms Antiques Ltd
Lincolnshire, Lincoln
17th-, 18th- and early 19th-century English and Continental furniture; clocks and barometers; scientific instruments; works of art
ArtAncient Ltd
Ancient art, numismatics and fossils
Finch & Co
Fine works of art, antiquities and Ethnographica; historical portraits and 19th-century photographic images; valuations
Harris Lindsay
English, Continental and Oriental furniture and works of art; later 19th- and early 20th-century Western applied arts
Kent Antiques Ltd
Ottoman antiques and antiques made for the Turkish market
S J Phillips Ltd
Jewellery, bijouterie and snuff boxes; silver; restoration
Vangelli Gallery
Asian and Oriental art, paintings, drawings and watercolours, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, mirrors, statuary, ancient and ethnographical art
Rupert Wace Ancient Art Limited
Egyptian, Classical, European and Near Eastern antiquities
Robert Young Antiques
Primitive, naïve and folk art; vernacular furniture and treen
Mark Goodger of Hampton Antiques
Northamptonshire, Towcester
Antique boxes and accessories
Cynthia Walmsley
Nottinghamshire, Nottingham
17th- to 19th-century portrait miniatures and portraits; 18th- and 19th-century silhouettes