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Why buy from a BADA dealer?

BADA members are experts in their chosen fields of specialisation, indeed many members are world authorities. They are therefore able to provide reliable information and advice to all who are interested in antiques.

BADA dealers seek to build up long term relationships with their clients, they are not just interested in making a quick sale.

Getting to know a BADA dealer means that objects you have been searching for will often come to light through their chain of contacts. The advice of a professional dealer will be invaluable to buyers building up or improving collections.

BADA dealers are able to provide comprehensive advice on the purchase, sale and care of antiques and works of art.

Clients wishing to buy or sell major collections and important antiques are able to do this discretely, and in complete confidence.

Many of our members have the facilities to restore or can provide advice about the restoration of antiques and works of art.

Finding a BADA dealer

Most BADA dealers maintain a shop or gallery, usually in an interesting or charming location. Visiting their premises in person and meeting the dealer face to face results in a more personal service and greater satisfaction for the buyer. Members pride themselves on their beautiful displays of art works and furniture, often in stark contrast to the serried rows of consigned lots of mixed quality to be found in the warehouse of a regional auctioneer.

Many BADA dealers display their goods for sale at antique fairs, which take place throughout the year and in different parts of the United Kingdom, including our own annual BADA Fair. In a recent initiative eleven BADA dealers have combined under one roof to create what is in effect the first ever BADA antiques centre, The Edenbridge Galleries, in Edenbridge, Kent.

BADA consumer safeguards

Long before the advent of the Trade Descriptions Act, BADA had its own code of practice. In the unlikely event that there should be a mistake in the description of an item BADA expects its members to make a full refund of the purchase price.

If there is a dispute between a BADA member and their customer it can be taken to BADA's free Arbitration Service rather than the law courts — an often protracted and expensive experience. A panel of at least three experts in the appropriate field will be formed. These experts will independently judge whether an object was correctly described at the time of sale. BADA's Arbitration Service provides, at no cost to the consumer, a rapid resolution using the same experts who would likely be called as expert witnesses in a legal action.