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BADA wax furniture polish

Why not treat your furniture to a tin of BADA’s furniture polish? Specially formulated to include a high quantity of natural beeswax, this popular polish was selected by the Association on the recommendation of its members — what better advertisement could there be?

BADA polish comes in two shades:

  • LIGHT ANTIQUE WAX for satinwood, light mahogany and all pale coloured furniture
  • MEDIUM ANTIQUE WAX for light-medium mahogany, walnut and other woods of similar shade

Polish may be ordered by post for £10.00 per tin (inc VAT and postage) (UK) or £15.00 per tin (overseas). Please send a cheque (payable to "BADA") in sterling drawn on a UK bank to: BADA, 14 Dufferin Street, London EC1Y 8PD.

BADA’s tips on polishing

Dust frequently with a soft cloth, and rub up your furniture often to encourage a hard skin to form and build up a good surface colour known as patina. Several times a year polish thoroughly using a good beeswax based polish, apply the polish sparingly and in the direction of the grain. Preferably leave overnight, before rubbing well with a soft cloth.

Do not use spray polishes, as although they give a good initial effect, they contain silicon which builds up a sticky surface and a large proportion of spirit which evaporates quickly, taking with it some of the natural oils in the timber.